Saturday, May 19, 2007

PC Dominates Mac, Despite Recent Ads

Recently there have been several commercials released comparing Mac's and PC's. If you have not seen them do a search on youtube mac vs pc and you will be able to watch them all. There are about 4 official Mac commercials. I would like to address some of the accusations made by mac in these commercials.

Surgery for Vista Upgrade

The new ads suggest that to upgrade to vista, a PC needs to undergo "surgery", seeing as it is a huge under taking. This is not true, most PC's no matter how old will be perfectly fine running widows vista, some may need a graphics card upgrade, but that is a 30 sec upgrade.

PC are Plagued with Error Messages

If a PC has error messages it is likely due to one of two problems, either a virus or user error. Thats it. If you are getting tons of error messages on a PC, you would be getting the same on a Mac.

PCs come stuffed with stuff you don't need

This one is true for most users, PCs come with a lot of free trail that let you sample a variety of software of various types, some that you may never need. However, Macs are just as guilty in this area. A mac from Apple has a 15gb install of Mac OS on it, but if you do a fresh install it reduces down to 5gb. That means that from the factory two thirds of you computer is stuff piled on that you may or may not wanted. That seems pretty stuffed to me.

I would say that the biggest issue I have with these ads are that they are not comparing Macs to PCs at all. What they are doing is comparing Macs to Windows in very miss leading ways. Apple has continued to try establish themselves as a creative brand of computer. My question to Apple is this, what makes a Mac more creative than a PC? Is it the styling? Because it is not multimedia performance, PCs have always and will always be better at handling demanding multimedia. Macs can't even handle beginner 3d graphics. It can't be software either because Macs have no advantage with that. Macs have Photoshop CS, Premiere, and Final Cut Pro; all of which are either directly available on a PC or an equivalent is. Did I mention Macs are much more expensive than a PC?

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Kris Ziel said...

30 second $100 upgade, not to mention all of either A) bandwidth and shipping costs to purchase the item and get it shipped, or b) time and gas wasted going to the computer store.