Wednesday, May 02, 2007

All in One Printers

Dell has several all in one printers available, all with fairly similar features. They all share 3 functions; the ability to print, scan, and copy. Other functions you gain by increasing in price are faxing and a color LCD for editing. The 3 prime models are 926, 946, and the 966. The starting prices on these are $99, $149, and $199 respectively. Those are pretty standard prices for an all in one printer, but good old Dell has some really good deals on these. The printers will sometimes have 20 bucks off or so, but real deal you want to look for is when they go half off. This past week I ordered a 926, using my dell dollars, plus some extra ink cartridges. I got the 926 plus 1 black ink and 1 color ink, and after the half off on the printer it was $49. There was a free shipping deal, so after using 75 dollars in dell dollars I only had to pay ~6 bucks. Stay tuned for a review of the 926 all in one printer

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