Wednesday, May 16, 2007

XPS Refurb Coupon

This week Dell has released some great coupons. Some of them are on thier TV's but they do have some on both desktops and notebooks.

7CSVKHMJLLSG25-10% off any refurbished Dell Dimension™ or XPS™ desktop computer priced at or above $500 (before tax, fees, shipping and handling)! Plus, receive Free 3-5 day shipping in Dell Outlet.

This is a great deal because it includes the Dell XPS computers, these are high end systems and they almost never have ANY kind of discounts on them. Make sure you take advantage of this great coupon.


Denise said...

Thanks for writing this.

David said...

It's a good news from a dell for the people who want to buy a laptop and computer. It gives you on 10% off so we shall save money.

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