Saturday, May 26, 2007

Buying from SMB vs DHS

Both the home side and the small business side offer the same systems, although they go by slightly different model numbers. If you talk to anyone one the DHS (home) side they will swear to you that there is no benefit to purchasing from SMB (small business), but that is not always the case. In fact some of the best deals can be had by purchasing from SMB, but there are some draw backs. For starters, as a business customer you will not get the the chance to use your Dell Preferred Account, you will either have to purchase using a credit card or try and get qualified for the Business Account. Other than that though the experience should stay fairly close to a home purchase. You can still gain Dell Dollars from the purchase and will still get the same service options. In fact you will have even more options for the levels of service to chose from. I always recommend doing a comparison of the DHS and SMB systems, especially if you find a coupon in SMB, they are notorious for providing the biggest discounts.

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