Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Notebooks Taking Over

My question to computer shoppers is this, why would you want to buy a desktop? Most consumers would answer this question with on of a handful of response's, it could be that it's going to be a family computer or that they want to play games on the system. Most users would also state that it is the price of desktops that lures them in. Well, to all of those answers I have the same response, "Same for a notebook." Let us take a deeper look in to the need for a desktop computer.

Family Computer: For some reason beyond me, most people assume that since a computer is going to be used by several people, it should be in a central place. I cannot disagree more. If I am going to be using the family computer, I'm not going to be using as a family. I want to do work in my office, just like my wife likes to surf the internet on the couch. I feel that by having the computer in a central location it is just equally frustrating for everyone using it, but nobody gets to see any benefit.

Gaming Computer: Notebooks in the gaming area are few and far between, but why is this? Is it easier to lug 75lbs worth of desktop equipment to Quake-con or show up with your 5lb notebook? Everyone will tell you that you can not get good graphics out of a notebook, but that's just not true anymore. Notebooks come with several high end cards available as options on them.

Budget Computer: This is the argument that desktops just cost less. While this one still holds some truth to it, it is not the heavy hitting truth it once was. In fact instead of telling you how you can get great computer deals on notebooks, I will just show you.

Dell notebook deals:
Dell has a great deal on the Dell e1505 notebook for a limited time. This little guy comes loaded; a 15.4in screen, 2gb of memory, core 2 duo, and great battery life. The best thing is that it's only $899. That is about the same price you would pay for a comparable desktop from any retailer.

So if you are on the hunt for a new computer, take a look around, and I think that you will see that for most users a notebook is the better choice.



Anonymous said...

I agree with you except there is one instance in which I prefer a desktop. Small children.

For several reasons:
* Keyboards are cheaper to replace when they break them
* Monitors are cheaper to replace when they break them
* A desktop won't get lost amidst the pile of toys in their bedrooms

Anonymous said...

I want my kids using the computer where I can see them from across the room.
Desktops are more upgradeable than laptops. PCMCIA, USB-2, and LAN-based devices are eliminating this advantage but it's still there, particularly for video. Drives and RAM are a lot cheaper for desktops too.
For anything but graphics-intensive apps, I'd just assume use a cheap used laptop as a wireless terminal to my desktop.