Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dell Dollars and How to Get Them

What are Dell Dollars?

Dell dollars are basically just that, free money you can use for any purchase at Dell. There are some stipulations though, first you have to spend at least the listed amount. So if you had on coupon of Dell dollars for 75 bucks (a common denomination) then you would have to spend at least $75.01. Secondly, they do expire after 120 days. Other then that, you can use them on what ever you want. But on to the important part.

How to get them

Dell Preffered Acount

There are several ways to get Dell dollars, the easiest is to get the Dell preffered acount. Now the thing is, Dell doesn't want to give you Dell dollars, and in fact they hate it when you use coupons also. So, to make them give you the Dell dollars you have to ask for Dell dollars.I know, it's dumb that you have to ask for the promotion but if you don't, they will not give them to you. Oh, I forgot to mention, you can only get them by calling in. Anyway, they have them avalible with the Dell acount as a credit card conversion tool. They give you $75 bucks to not use your credit card. The sales person will tell you all kinds of stuff, but unless they tell you that they are lying.

Warranty Plans

The next best option for getting dell dollars are to check what warranty you are getting. Most of the time if you are going to be getting the 4 year warranty, they also have dell dollars attached to them. These are out there to help the sales person sell the 4 year over the 1,2, or 3 year. The amounts on these vary, typicaly $50 or $75 dollars, but I have seen some that are higher. Remember though, you can only get these if you are going to get the warranty.

Just be an Ass

Unfortanaly this is the best way to get anything from a large company, as they would rather pay off the bad rep you would give them. Now you can only take this one so far, but all of the phone sales reps have a closing tool, or as they call it A Refuse to Lose, open to them. They have been getting stricter on this, but you can typically get some Dell dollars thrown in to seal the deal, or even have money skimmed right off the top. Be careful though as the Dell reps are sneaky and will try to throw in the coupons you are already entitled to in a last ditch effort to prevent you from geting any thing more. Sample; Dell Rep:" Okay, I talked to my manager and he said that just because you are using the Dell Preffered Acount, I can give you $75 bucks in Dell Dollars." Yeah they really are that full of B.S.

I hope that this helps you get all the discounts you are entitled to from Dell, cause I know that they still owe me money, so I want to help you take them for every cent they have.


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Customers with a valid email address on file will have a Dell Dollars Coupon sent electronically. Dell Dollars Coupons will be sent via U.S. postal mail to those customers who have purchased through a sales representative. In the event that an email address cannot be used, the codes will be mailed to the bill-to or ship-to address, depending upon where the product was purchased:

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